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Why do business with IdaPac?

Our business model saves you money.

The IdaPac business model saves our customers money in three ways. First, because we do business with so many builders, we are able to buy in bulk. Buying in bulk costs less, and we are able to pass those savings on to you.

Second, our business model frees up our staff to use their time effectively to sell and service jobs. They can focus on sourcing building materials at the best prices and having them delivered to your jobsite.

Third, our distribution system is very efficient. We work with our customers to find out when you need material on the job and then we determine the most cost effective way to get it there. Truckload quantities provide the greatest savings, but when you need the occasional fill-in order we can get that done on a cost-effective basis too.

We can deliver the building materials you need in a timely manner.

IdaPac is a full-service building supply company. We buy from the entire spectrum of the supply chain including sawmills, manufacturers, wholesalers, distribution centers, local yards and big boxes. We determine where to buy based on a combination of factors including cost, availability, and accessibility so we can take care of your needs at the jobsite. Then we work with you to orchestrate timely delivery either from our strategically located reload centers or directly from our suppliers. We fight to take great care of our customers. Our reputation in the industry bears that out.

You always deal with the company owner.

In 1998, we began an Employee Stock Ownership Plan which means all of our employees become owners. Everyone who works on your order, from the sales group to the buyers to the support staff that process the paperwork has a vested interest in making sure your job gets taken care of. Our customers tell us that makes a difference in their interactions with our staff and as a result they get truly outstanding customer service.